Welcome to SustainableMusic.de!

Sustainable Music started 2003/2004 when I created websites for some friends of mine. Somehow I wanted to include my name but did not want to use the Bay-Area-Bands.com or Clover-Infopage.com connection - thus I created a new website that could be used for other activities as well. Since most of the things I do on the web have to do with music, the new website's name had to pay tribute to that. Around that time I was working on my dissertation/diploma which in great parts dealt with sustainable development. Subsequently my mind was filled with things being sustainable or not and somehow I came up with the term sustainable music.

So what is sustainable music? Well, we know what music is but I bet that many (still) don't know much about concepts of sustainability. In a simple way sustainability involes taking care of posterity and thus involves the use of natural poducts and energy in a way that does not harm the environment, this generation and future generations. Following this idea I would say that the sustainability concept can be connected to the production of music.

I would like to keep it simple though, sustainable music should be music that is lasting. Music one likes to listen to today and in the years ahead. Music that is still likable for future generations. This is also a key to my other websites where I try to not only support good Bay Area music but also want to collect the connected history of the bands/artists/music.

As a matter of fact, it is better to listen to music than read about it. Thus a next step is to keep music available once released or release music if it hasn't been available before. To keep it short, once Dan Hayes contacted me and I created an entry for him on Bay-Area-Bands.com I found out that he had some cool recordings in the closet that had never been released before. I asked him to just do that and somehow along that line Sustainable Music turned into an online record label.

I am not sure where all of this will take me, but it involves a lot of fun and I try to keep the production of the CDs sustainable ;)

Stephan Petersen
Hamburg, Germany